Newsletter #3

Hello from Miskolc, Hungary! Here is my newsletter for the past two months, please share it with those you wish!

KLarsen newsletter 3


2 thoughts on “Newsletter #3

  1. Aren’t retreats with peers wonderfully reinvigorating?!? And how fun to have the trip to Vienna, too – staying in the hotel that employees refugees. (I’ll remember your recommendation for the Magdas but seriously doubt I’ll ever get to Vienna!) The Dialog in the Dark sounds amazing. I once went out snorkeling at night in Indonesia with a headlamp and a flashlight, and another time on a night tour at the Singapore Zoo. Not exactly like being full darkness and having to rely fully on other senses but both experiences (ESPECIALLY snorkeling) were pretty disorienting. In your case, it must have been especially meaningful to have the blind guide. Blessings, Kirsten, as you continue to reflect during this Lent/Easter season about the interplay of dark and light in the spiritual world (which includes the physical world.) It is good to hear from you.


  2. Hi Kirsten… Have you read Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor? She writes of a similar experience… Plus has many insights and theological reflections on how God is present in the dark… some pretty profound things happen in the dark in the Bible… Peace to you dear Kirsten! Rachel


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